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Customer Focus

Saba works with enterprise companies in a variety of fields, including medical, electronics, retail, energy, public sector, and software.

Select Customers

ABN AMRO, ADP, AdvantEdge, Aflac, Air Canada

Saba People Cloud

- Saba People Cloud Saba People Cloud is enterprise social network software that provides a robust catalog of social media features. Users can send out status updates, start friendly dialogues with one another, form groups, write blog posts, hold HD video and VOIP meetings, and more. While People Cloud keeps employees connected, there are additional functions for HR and management. These include sending out reward badges, generating performance reviews, and establishing goals for employees.

About Saba
Saba was founded in 1997 and went public in 2000. The company is headquartered in Redwood Shores, CA. Company growth has allowed Saba to acquire companies THINQ Learning Solutions, Centra Software, and Human Concepts. Saba has won numerous awards, including the Gold Award for Excellence in LMS at Fall 2011 CLO Symposium, the Double Silver at the Brandon Hall Excellence Awards, and many more.

Saba People Cloud Key Features

  • Boosts employee morale with social and reward systems
  • Offers numerous solutions for management and HR
  • Can hold online video conferences with HD and VOIP
  • Boasts an online workplace tutoring video program
  • Monitors and reports company social analytics
  • Creates a searchable company database for any function
  • Features peer-mentor system for employees

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