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Salesboom CRM Review

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Free trial. Pricing starts at $45/month for a single user license.



Customer Focus

Salesboom works with companies of all sizes.

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World Wide Packaging, All Texas Temps, The Wellness Edge, American Nationwide Mortgage Company, Ministry of Health

Salesboom CRM

Salesboom CRMSalesboom CRM is a robust suite of CRM tools offered in team, professional and enterprise software packages. Each package offers support in the areas of collaboration, customer service, business intelligence, marketing and SFA, and you gain access to more features as you pay for a larger business license. The basic features include sales forecasting and lead management, e-mail marketing support, customer service case management, company communication tools and analytics reporting. Salesboom CRM is compatible with Salesboom ERP, and together both products contain over 1,200 features.

About Salesboom
Starting in 2002, Salesboom was founded in Nova Scotia, Canada by Rami Hamodah and Troy Muise. Currently, the company services 95,000 subscribers from over 158 countries. Salesboom actively integrates customer feedback into its products—over half of Salesboom CRM’s new features are a result of input. Website Magazine named as one of the Top 50 Software Solutions to Explore in 2012.

Salesboom CRM Features

  • CRM suite offered in three different business size packages
  • Automated marketing campaigns and tracking support
  • Forecasts revenue and displays market trends
  • Case management software that notifies agents up case updates and case reassignments
  • Generates reports that provide insights into trends, customers, opportunities, and bottlenecks
  • Intra-company messaging system and shared calendar

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  • Jim Bowser

    Truly an amazing CRM software. Very easy to use, full of features and very affordable. We didn’t even believe such a system exists until we came across salesboom few years ago.