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Samsung Enterprise Access Layer Review

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About Samsung Enterprise Access Layer

Samsung Enterprise Access Layer Samsung Enterprise Access Layer is a software suite that enables users to monitor, secure, manage, and support all of their company’s mobile devices. Between the six products in the suite, users can deploy applications, encrypt data, handle security settings, and monitor all data activity.

Additionally, the systems support remote troubleshooting, mobile device lifecycle management, and policy enforcement. For security, Samsung Enterprise Access Layer works across SMS, MMS, WiFI, Bluetooth, and 3G to block viruses and malware. Lastly, the suite supports BYOD and makes it easy to register new devices to the system.

About the Company

Samsung was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in South Korea.


Samsung Enterprise Access Layer Key Features

  • On-premise mobile device management software solution suite with six products
  • Deploys and manages all apps
  • Security features include remote lockdowns, data encryption, remote control, and malware and virus protection
  • Provides full visibility over mobile device data
  • Supports BYOD offices and workflows
  • Easily and quickly registers new devices


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