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About SAS Financial Management

SAS Financial ManagementSAS Financial Management doubles as accounting and financial planning software. The suite provides Activity-Based Management, Financial Reporting & Planning, Profitability Management, and Strategy Management. Though financial analysis can be excessively complicated, especially for large organizations, SAS Financial Management promises actionable analysis that non-finance experts can understand.

The components of SAS Financial Management work together to make costs transparent so that companies can make more profitable decisions, budget, and better forecast earnings for investors. Strategy Management uses this performance data to protect against reliance on flawed strategies, providing management with comprehensible visual strategy maps and tools to share these analyses with employees. Financial Intelligence accurately identifies unprofitable activities as well as predicts the impact of unanticipated events to the bottom line.

About SAS
SAS is the leader in business analytics, powering many of the top Fortune 500 companies.

SAS Financial Management Key Features

  • Improve profitability as well as accounting and reporting
  • Share complex financial data and business strategies with employees using Web friendly visual and numerical break-downs
  • Identify unprofitable activities and assess unforeseen risks with Profitability Management
  • Tweak or toss aside dysfunctional strategies with Strategy Management
  • Financial Reporting & Planning facilitates more reliable, regular, and speedy financial accounting and reporting

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