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– SAS Human Capital Management Review

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About SAS Human Capital Management

- SAS Human Capital ManagementSAS Human Capital Management performs the difficult task of pinpointing workforce deficiencies and predicting costs associated with employment changes. Predefined metrics and sophisticated analytical tools give managers and executives the insight they need to better staff their organizations.

Human Capital Management first allows management to analyze existing personnel hierarchies and employment levels for inefficiencies. Using predictive models, the software can test hypothetical workforce changes and their associated costs and benefits. All of this can be accomplished through a straightforward GUI, or through toolbar add-ons including Microsoft Office programs such as Word and Excel.

Built on the bedrock SAS analytics platform, SAS Human Capital Management works seamlessly with other SAS software to help multifaceted organizations meet overall goals (and because all SAS software uses similar UIs, learning new tools is a cinch). Likewise, the software will import data from legacy ERP systems.

SAS Human Capital Management Key Features

  • Bundled metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and analytical tools allow non-technical users can test complex changes in organizational structure
  • Produce graphical organizational overviews, or drill down to individual employee performance and history
  • Test company-wide workforce changes or shift employees one by one
  • Custom metrics and tools can be created for unique organizational needs
  • Import legacy data from other ERP software
  • Slice-and-Dice analysis of multidimensional databases
  • Built on the same platform and with a similar UI to other SAS software
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office

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