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Sevocity EHR Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Start-up fees $1,995 1st Provider
$1,295 Each Additional provider
$430 per provider per month


Sevocity EHR is a SaaS solution and provides support for implementation.

Customer Focus

Medical Administrators, Physicians, Hospitals and Health Systems.

Select Customers

Pathology Reference Laboratories, Valley Medical Center, Otolaryngology of Joplin, Corwin Clinic Surgical, Women’s Health Center, Resource Partners.

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About Sevocity EHR

Sevocity EHR Sevocity EHR allows users to quickly and easily add and change personal preferences, thus helping medical providers quickly and accurately document and run their clinics. With specialty specific features that can be customized, and consistent graphical screens, Sevocity EHR contains organized and sleek applications that have an easy learning curve. Sevocity EHR integrates with most PM solutions, and offers a PM solution of its own as well.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Sivocity works towards helping medical providers by offering cost effective solutions with minimal investments. Sevocity is CCHIT Certified as well.

Sevocity EHR Key Features

  • Automated Coding Assistance
  • Free Hl7 Interfaces
  • Easy Access
  • Affordable Start Up Fees
  • Live Customer Support
  • Specialty Specific Solutions
  • PM Integration

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