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ShippersEdge TMS Review

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ShippersEdge works with shipping companies of all sizes.

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ShippersEdge TMS

ShippersEdge TMSShippersEdge TMS is scalable shipping logistics software that streamlines processes, saves time and money, and reduces work time. ShippersEdge TMS makes it easy to generate shipping quotes, track and create shipments, manage claims, create reports, and handle freight invoices. Additionally, this program provides a common platform for your company’s different departments as they handle their individual roles in the supply chain process. You can use ShippersEdge TMS as a stand-alone shipping solution or integrate the program with other ERP, WMS, and/or OMS applications.

About ShippersEdge
Starting in 2002, ShippersEdge has been developing software that improves customers’ activities on the logistics front. The company was originally developed by SRC, which itself has 50 years in logistics software experience. ShippersEdge TMS was one of the premiere web-based TMS.

ShippersEdge TMS Features

  • Scalable and affordable with 99 percent uptime
  • Reduces shipping costs by up to 20 percent
  • Works with most popular shipment companies, including FedEx, UPS, and YRC
  • Compares shipping costs with the option to save quotes for future reference
  • Plan and track individual inbound and outbound shipments
  • Manages freight invoices and claims
  • Provides common collaboration platform on which all of your shipping-relevant company departments can work
  • Plan operations for multiple warehouse locations
  • Works as either standalone shipping logistics software or as an integrated module for other WMS, OMS, and ERP solutions

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