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SIRIUS Software ISO 360 Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Contact vendor directly for pricing information.


Product is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with enterprise, multinational and mid-sized customers.

Select Customers

Inspec-Sol, Air Canada, Loran Technologies, Bell Canada, Metalus


About ISO 360

SIRIUS Software ISO 360 ISO 360 is process and compliance management software designed to manage quality, environment systems and health and safety systems. The platform provides multiple standards including ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9004, ISO 1400, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, OHSAS 18000, OHSAS 18001, and ISO/TS 16949.

The software enables users to automate and integrate all functions necessary for maintaining ISO certification, provides a centralized document management portal and can be configured to meet any company-specific requirements processes. Additionally, the platform is designed to analyze all process-related information, as well as generates reports designed to assist in decision making processes.

About the Company

SIRIUS Software was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.


ISO 360 Key Features

  • Standardized organization groups
  • Process automation functionality
  • Module and template development tools
  • Document structure standardization tools
  • Facilitates all maintenance processes
  • Provides clients with access to use documents and processes
  • Maintains non-conformance logs
  • KPI report generation
  • Rule and environmental policy enforcement capabilities
  • Incident and accident report logs


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