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Slingshot Supply Chain Planning Review

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Slingshot Software works with enterprise companies in the fields of banking, pharmaceuticals, defense, government, computing, and retail.

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Advex Corporation, General Electric, Anvil International, HomeBanc Mortgage, Attlant Shipping

Slingshot Supply Chain Planning

Slingshot Supply Chain PlanningSlingshot Supply Chain Planning allows you to control your supply chain and share your supply chain information over the Internet. Using pre-packaged six algorithms and additional user-defined ones, Slingshot Supply Chain Planning can help you forecast product demands so that you can stay prepared. Alerts appear during important inquiries, and any changes you make to your supply chain happen instantly, meaning that you can change orders, transportation, and manufacturing plans on the go. As a result of acting instantly to developments, you can always keep your supply chain at an optimized level.

About Slingshot Software
Slingshot Software has been developing ERP solutions for over 30 years alongside the evolution of the computer. The company’s partners include Microsoft, WAV Inc, Rackspace, ALT-C, and Business Objects.

Slingshot Supply Chain Planning Features

  • Manage your supply chain and make changes instantly
  • Share real-time supply chain information with all relevant parties over the Internet
  • Uses a number of rules, including product, location, and supplier, to generate accurate supply chain models
  • Limitless scalability
  • Uses prepackaged and/or user-created algorithms to forecast demand
  • Graphical views for each item
  • Creates plan exception notices for overdue products, out of stock products, and more
  • Integrated build loading

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