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About Soasta CloudTest On-Demand

- Soasta CloudTest On-DemandSoasta CloudTest On-Demand conducts optimized, real-world application testing for mobile and websites to perform under high traffic. By provisioning software in minutes and operating with thousands of local and geographically dispersed users, Soasta CloudTest On-Demand can isolate your problem areas for further analytic insight, while offering on-hand performance engineers for troubleshooting. Soasta CloudTest On-Demand does not require its users to invest in any additional infrastructure or resources.

Founded in 2006, Soasta is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. In 2012, Soasta was picked by CRN as one of the Top 20 Coolest Cloud Software Vendors. The company also made the Red Herring Top 100 and Wall Street Journal’s Top 50 Venture-Backed Companies.

Soasta CloudTest On-Demand Key Features

  • Turnkey testing
  • Real-world testing
  • On-demand provisioning
  • Deep analytic insight
  • Dynamic provisioning
  • Fail-over ability
  • Available performance engineers

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