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– Soasta CloudTest Performance Review

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Cloud-based test platform

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Aimed at performance engineers and QA professionals at midsize to large companies

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About Soasta CloudTest Performance

- Soasta CloudTest PerformanceSoasta CloudTest Performance helps build, execute and analyze performance tests for your applications. The software offers optimized test loading so that users can see exactly what areas need to be improved. Soasta CloudTest Performance leverages the power and elasticity of cloud computing, giving users all around the globe efficient load balancing capabilities and scaled performance. Performance engineers have the ability to manage and execute their own tests.

Founded in 2006, Soasta is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. In 2012, Soasta was picked by CRN as one of the Top 20 Coolest Cloud Software Vendors. The company also made the Red Herring Top 100 and Wall Street Journal’s Top 50 Venture-Backed Companies.

Soasta CloudTest Performance Key Features

  • Visual test environment
  • Global Test Cloud
  • Real-time analytics
  • Dynamic test-grid provisioning
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Web and mobile access
  • Start, stop, pause functions

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