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Socialcast Review

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Free under 50 users. Otherwise $5/user/month.


On-Premise, Software-as-a-Service

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Small to enterprise businesses

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3M, Humana, Philips, Siemens

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About Socialcast

SocialcastSocialcast provides social networking for the enterprise company. Socialcast works like familiar social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, but with a feature set intended for collaboration and business communication.

Using Socialcast as a hub for employee activity affords many advantages. For one, Socialcast automatically logs all activity and provides analytics that allow management to view trending topics within their organization, rank employees by activity and influence, and more easily respond to discovery requests. Socialcast acts as an interactive document repository, helping to ensure that uploaded documents remain relevant and making it easier for employees to locate the information they need. And Socialcast lends its discussion features to Microsoft Sharepoint documents and company intranets, and also integrates with Salesforce CRM.

Socialcast can be installed on-premises or accessed from the cloud. Employees can securely access the application from desktops or Android, BlackBerry, and iOS mobile devices.Socialcast was acquired by VMware in 2011.

Socialcast Key Features

  • Automatic logging of all Socialcast activity
  • Analytical tools measure everything from trending Socialcast discussion topics to most active and influential employees
  • Discuss and update Microsoft SharePoint and company intranet documents
  • Use Socialcast to monitor, discuss, and respond to Salesforce activity
  • Support for Android, BlackBerry, and iOS
  • Integrated with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook
  • Deploy on-premises or to the cloud
  • Share and discuss files of any size
  • IT-friendly with robust user account controls and interface customization options

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