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SRSsoft CareTracker PM Review

Product Snapshot


SRSsoft CareTracker PM is offered both as a cloud solution and an on-premise installation.

Customer Focus

Medical Administrators, Physicians, Hospitals and Health Systems.

Select Customers

University Children’s Eye Center, Concord Orthopaedics, Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic, Princeton Orthopaedic Associates, Morton Medical Center, Capitol Pediatrics and Adolescent Center, Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic, Southeastern Orthopedic Center, Colon and Rectal Specialists, Retina Associates.

Customer Case Studies

Illinois Bone and Joint InstituteWaco Orthopedic and Sports MedicineSouthern California Orthopedic Institute.

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About SRSsoft CareTracker PM

SRSsoft CareTracker PM SRSsoft CareTracker PM offers medical providers benefits such as up to 98% speeds collection with claims and global updates. SRSsoft CareTracker gives access to 9 million updated code-scrubbing rules and provides integration with SRSsoft EHR. Founded in 1997, SRSsoft works with over 5,000 providers and has built the largest network of high-performance practices. SRSsoft specializes in software for orthopedics and cardiology.

SRSsoft CareTracker PM Key Features

  • Proactive Intelligence
  • Decreased Time Spent on A/R
  • High Pay-at-first-pass Claim Rate
  • Unique Dashboard Design
  • Global Updates
  • Integrated with EHR

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  • Irina Donath

    The software is so weak and requires to increase your billing staff. Stay away from PM . Practice admin for ophthalmology practice.