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Swiftpro CVPlus Visual Review

Product Snapshot


Swiftpro CVPlus Visual is available as an on-premise solution

Customer Focus

Swiftpro works with multinational, enterprise and mid-sized customers.

Selected Customers

Chase Zander, Global Energy

About Swiftpro CVPlus Visual

Swiftpro CVPlus Visual Swiftpro CVPlus Visual is a recruiting software solution that is designed for recruiting agencies and consultancies. At the start, users can enter all company customers into a database and see how relationships with them have evolved over time. The program can then process job requests from customers and post them across online channels. As applicants send in their resumes and cover letters, the system stores all information and tracks candidates as they go through recruitment procedures. Users can monitor how well they perform in meeting clients’ hiring needs, and the product features a calendar that shows all upcoming recruitment-related tasks. Lastly, Swiftpro CVPlus Visual provides a collaborative space where customers and recruiters can provide feedback on applicants.

About Swiftpro
Swiftpro was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in the United Kingdom.

Swiftpro CVPlus Visual Key Features

  • On-premise recruiting software solution
  • Designed for recruitment agencies and consultancies
  • Maintains all relationships with clients
  • Posts job openings online and logs all applicant data
  • Tracks all applicant progress
  • Hosts a collaborative feedback space for customers and recruiters
  • Monitors how successful a recruiting agency is at meeting customer needs


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