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– Sword Ciboodle Crowd Review

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Sword Ciboodle works with large enterprises across a variety of fields, including retail, healthcare, banking, utility, insurance, and telecommunications.

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Sword Ciboodle Ciboodle Crowd

- Sword Ciboodle CrowdSword Ciboodle Crowd is an online community solution that connects you directly to your customers. Drawing on the strengths of online communities, this social CRM platform allows your agents to help and interact with your customers over blogs and forums. All interactions that occur in the Ciboodle Crowd community are logged, providing your company with key insights and early identification of potential brand problems.

About Sword Ciboodle
Sword Ciboodle has been in the software industry since 1986. The company works with clients that come from 12 countries and five continents. Sword Ciboodle has won a number of industry awards, including the Paul Greenberg’s ZDNet CRM Watchlist 2012 award, the 2011 “Rising Star – Market Penetrator” CRM Magazine CRM Service Award, and the 2009 North American Product Differentiation Innovation Differentiation Award from Frost and Sullivan.

Ciboodle Crowd Key Features

  • Customer interaction and data logging
  • Real-time interaction
  • Blogs, forums, and questions
  • Auto-populated customer profiles

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