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– Taulia Dynamic Payment Platform Review

Product Snapshot


Product is available via web browser (SaaS) or as a SAP add-on.

Customer Focus

Platform is built for large-scale enterprises across a range of industries.

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Pfizer, John Deere, Dominion, Coke, PG&E, Tim Hortons

About Taulia Dynamic Payment Platform

- Taulia Dynamic Payment PlatformTaulia’s Dynamic Payment Platform optimizes the invoicing process, enabling large buying organizations to reduce total spend and achieve double-digit returns on cash positions, while also allowing earlier payment for suppliers at a lower cost of capital compared to alternative options. Taulia offers e-invoicing, instant vendor portals and a sophisticated dynamic enterprise payment management system, while a SAP-certified cloud-based solution extends SAP financials beyond the enterprise.

About the Company
Taulia was incorporated in June 2009 as a Delaware Corporation and is located in San Francisco, CA. In 2011, Taulia acquired billFlo, a local San Francisco-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cash flow management solution for small and medium businesses.

Taulia Dynamic Payment Platform Key Features

  • Dynamic Discount Optimizer: A comprehensive solution for managing all Dynamic Discounting aspects, including early payments and dynamic payment terms
  • Supplier Portal: An on-demand portal that gives your suppliers real-time visibility into their receivables and provides all relevant self-services
  • Analyzer: Provides valuable metrics, including invoice processing times and discount capture rates, so you can identify untapped revenue opportunities
  • Terms Management
  • e-Invoicing
  • Real-time Factoring

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