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– TECNEX eTecRCM Review

Product Snapshot


Product eTecRCM is available as an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with small and mid-sized clinics.


- TECNEX eTecRCM TECNEX eTecRCM is a medical billing software solution that provides complete visibility over clinical finances. Each TECNEX eTecRCM license comes with support from an official billing coordinator on the TECNEX team. With the aid of the coordinator, users can take care of all accounts, process claims, track finances and create revenue reports. In the event of any financial issues, the program can produce full audit trails for all patients. Users can additionally process day-to-day office expenses as well as reimbursement requests from employees. Lastly, TECNEX eTecRCM can provide real-time claim status updates and monitor all claim aging.

Founded in 2008, TECNEX focuses on EMR software that’s functional and easy to use. With managers who are physicians themselves, TECNEX provides services that fit both the requirements of physicians and administrators alike, which also results in customer support tailored to fit those needs.

TECNEX eTecRCM Key Features

  • On-premise medical billing software solution
  • Comes with support from a TECNEX accountant
  • Provides full visibility over all finances
  • Tracks and resolves all patient claims
  • Processes all patient payments
  • Can completely audit all finances
  • Generates a number of financial reports for clinics


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