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TECSYS Transportation Management Software Review

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TECSYS Transportation Management Software

TECSYS Transportation Management Software While traditional bolt-on transportation management solutions focus on dock-level execution, TECSYS transportation management software goes beyond this. TECSYS is designed with the user’s entire enterprise in mind.

From simple, traditional multi-carrier operations, to high-volume, highly automated shipping enterprises, TECSYS transportation management software is ready for integration into the user’s business flow.

About the Company

TECSYS is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with several thousand sites in North America, Europe and Latin America. They are a market-leading provider of supply chain execution solutions to healthcare, high-volume distribution and 3PLs. TECSYS is also a leading provider of warehouse management, distribution management and transportation management software. TECSYS has built its business and its reputation through a single-minded focus on warehousing and distribution operations and by developing robust products and leading expertise from over 25 years in business. The company employs a seasoned team of supply chain management experts who have extensive experience deploying TECSYS’s technology in high volume warehousing and distribution environments.

TECSYS has been publicly traded since 1998, and currently has over 500 customers, including midsized and Fortune 1000 corporations in healthcare and high-volume industries such as packaged gas, import-to-retail, industrial distribution, third-party logistics and heavy equipment.


TECSYS Transportation Management Software Key Features

  • Optimized rating, routing, manifesting, tracking and post-shipment analysis for all small package and LTL shipments
  • Unparalleled access to enterprise-wide information through web-enabled technology
  • Centralized control of multiple warehouses and shipping stations without the costs and complexities of multi-site operations
  • Solutions go the extra mile to deliver flawless, accurate and timely shipping
  • Net results are lower operating costs, happy customers, and a TMS that is a strategic part of the user’s business


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The strengths of TECSYS transportation management software (TMS) lies within its ability to go beyond a traditional transportation software solution. Normally, traditional transportation management solutions focus on dock-level execution, however, since TECSYS is designed with your entire enterprise in mind, TMS looks for ways to optimize your business rating, routing, and tracking needs through automation and real-time integration. Also, TECSYS TMS focuses on ways to access information through Web-enabled technology, thus, speeding up access to information.


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