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TrackerRMS Project Management Review

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Prices are based on a single user interface.

  • £20 per month/£200 per annum (Basic)
  • £40 per month/£400 per annum (Professional)
  • £60 per month/£600 per annum (Enterprise)

TrackerRMS delivers their solutions via the web, without the need for on-site installation. In general, if the PC runs Windows XP, then it is suitable for TrackerRMS.

Customer Focus

TrackerRMS is a customizable, feature-rich solution that is ideal for small to midsized businesses operating in a broad range of industry sectors.

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About TrackerRMS Project Management

TrackerRMS Project ManagementTrackerRMS Project Management is designed to help delivery teams effectively start, run and resource their projects with a fully integrated set of tools. TrackerRMS Project Management can help businesses better track and allocate resources and create efficient teams to ensure the success of each project.

About TrackerRMS
Headquartered in Buckinghamshire, England, TrackerRMS is dedicated to helping their clients fulfill their organizational needs by providing powerful yet cost effective business applications. Their product portfolio includes robust solutions in cloud CRM, project management, recruitment, and ticket management. TrackerRMS solutions do not require any additional software to be implemented, increasing business efficiency and maximizing ROI.

TrackerRMS Project Management Key Features

  • Create a new project with a simple click
  • Automatically notify project managers about new assignments
  • Build customized project lifecycles for both inactive and active projects

Time Management

  • Manage plan activities and set statuses, expected end dates, budgets and timings
  • Plan and manage projects at the task level
  • Separate billable and non-billable project activities at the task level to provide a complete view of the resources workload
  • Populate resource timesheets with pre-defined tasks
  • Efficiently manage project tasks with a task control dashboard
  • Authorize timesheets manually through the TrackerPortal or through a one-click eAuthorization process

Project Teams

  • Assign team members based on availability, skills, location, or other search parameters
  • Instantly view the availability of prospected teams
  • Locate and assign the right team members with a full text and profile search feature
  • Efficiently assign resources with a capacity summary and availability planner function
  • Assign a day rate or hourly rate for each project

Expense Management

  • Create customized expense codes and rates
  • Add expenses into a payment record that integrates with your back-office applications for efficient processing and audits
  • Authorize expenses through the TrackerPortal or through one-click eAuthorization

Project Planning

  • Import and update Microsoft Project plans
  • Configure the Default Project Activities feature to automatically create new projects
  • Create and maintain your own project activities
  • Export project plans for simple reporting


  • Access expenses, timesheets, online forms, assigned project activities, and the availability planner though the TrackerPortal
  • Create project microsites to deliver an online workspace for both internal and external stakeholders
  • Book resources to centralized activities

Project Management

  • Log status, priority, description, impact and decision criteria to track change requests throughout the project lifecycle
  • Log risks agains projects, using criteria such as monitoring method, ownership, description, and mitigating action
  • Log scope, source, status, and issue description to effectively track and resolve issues
  • Export and import Change, Issues and Risk (CIR) information with one click
  • Quickly gain a holistic view of activities across multiple projects with management dashboards

  • The TrackerPortal comes with a broad range of features to efficiently manage project resources, such as time, resources, and expenses.
  • TrackerRMS Project Management integrates with Microsoft Project to allow for easy importation/exportation of MPP project plans.
  • TrackerRMS is built to be completely customizable, allowing businesses to choose and pay for only the features they need, lowering TCO and maximizing ROI.

TrackerRMS Project Management comes with robust tools that help businesses effectively launch, manage, and track projects. TrackerRMS Project Management provides visibility into each step of the project, ensuring that expenses, time, and resources are efficiently allocated for the successful completion of each project.

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