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TrackerRMS Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Prices are based on a single user interface.

  • £20 per month/£200 per annum (Basic)
  • £40 per month/£400 per annum (Professional)
  • £60 per month/£600 per annum (Enterprise)

TrackerRMS is a cloud CRM solution, requiring no additional software to be implemented. TrackerRMS requires no third party add-ons and is an enterprise-level, fully hosted ASP tool that is easy to use and deploy.

Customer Focus

TrackerRMS is a customizable, feature-rich solution that is ideal for small to midsized businesses operating in a broad range of industry sectors.

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The Nielsen Company

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About TrackerRMS

TrackerRMSTrackerRMS is an all-in-one cloud CRM solution that supports and improves core business activities, including sales, marketing, delivery and support. TrackerRMS is suitable for any business that needs a system to track and manage all the information related to customer activities. A CRM solution that is delivered on demand via the internet, TrackerRMS is built to be a simple and intuitive system with rich functionality.

About TrackerRMS
Headquartered in Buckinghamshire, England, TrackerRMS is dedicated to helping their clients fulfill their organizational needs by providing powerful yet cost effective business applications. Their product portfolio includes robust solutions in CRM, Project Management, Recruitment, and Ticket Management. TrackerRMS solutions do not require any additional software to be implemented, increasing business efficiency and maximizing ROI.

TrackerRMS Key Features

Sales Force Automation

  • Track leads and opportunities throughout the sales lifecycle
  • Define and customize the sales lifecycle
  • Customize and monitor Key Performance Indicator (KPI) information
  • Log and track core services and products to gain revenue and sales forecasting capabilities

Diary Management

  • Instantly view and manage “Overdue,” “Future,” and “Today’s” activities from a personal dashboard view
  • Track daily activities and notifications by the hour with the Calendar view
  • Instantly access key information such as telephone numbers and email addresses with the Quick View drop down menu
  • View the last contact made and the next contact to pursue
  • Leverage the Message Centre to stay informed of the latest opened and won opportunities, as well as to share news and communications

Lead & Opportunity Management

  • Link pages from a company’s website to obtain leads directly
  • View information about what customers are buying and not buying to create up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Use the customizable “MANDACT” scoring tools to qualify leads
  • Easily create a new Opportunity from a developing Lead based on the qualification score
  • Define probability percentages and factored values to determine the probable value to pipeline opportunities
  • Profile revenue over the contract terms to gain key data instantly about monthly, quarterly, or yearly contributions
  • Control the bid and bid approval processes
  • Customize pricing terms, average length of contract, contract dates, and automatic timesheet entry
  • Allocate and track activities and tasks

Account & Contact Management

  • Create relationships between multiple accounts to better manage parent accounts and sub-accounts
  • Segment accounts for more efficient targeting and selection
  • Track current contracts, special terms cancellation dates, and renewals
  • Use templates to standardize the content and presentation of client communications
  • Profile revenue using contract terms
  • Send important documents and messages to clients, even while away from the office or without access to email software

Reporting & Analytics

  • Access a range of standard reports that cover a wide variety of functions
  • Use a simple Report Wizard to create custom Summary, Cross Reference, and Time & Value reports
  • Display standard or custom reports with the Customer Dashboard feature

Campaign Management

  • Automate and manage multi-channel campaigns with a browser-based campaign tool
  • Track campaigns to both candidates and contacts by personalized email, text, or letter
  • Instantly track and assign leads to the sales team
  • Manage marketing at the contact level


  • Assign a specific currency to an Opportunity
  • Assign multiple exchange rates to each currency to ensure accurate contract values at the point of sale
  • Support unlimited Territories, easily securing and separating information across users without the need for multiple installations
  • Seamlessly convert the base currency and track its history from anywhere in the world

Content/Document Library

  • Store all centralized forms, images, and documents in the Document and Asset Library
  • Organize document content into folders or by full text search to quickly find information


  • Easily create both payments and invoices of the elements of an order or ongoing service

Products & Services Rate Cards

  • Store and manage all internal rate cards and Products and Services to gain information about what customers are buying

Additional Features

  • Microsoft and Back office Integration

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