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TrackerRMS Recruitment Review

Product Snapshot


Prices are based on a single user interface.

  • £20 per month/£200 per annum (Basic)
  • £40 per month/£400 per annum (Professional)
  • £60 per month/£600 per annum (Enterprise)

TrackerRMS Recruitment is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

TrackerRMS Recruitment is a customizable, feature-rich solution that is ideal for small to midsized recruiting businesses.

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About TrackerRMS Recruitment

TrackerRMS RecruitmentTrackerRMS Recruitment is a CRM software solution that’s specially designed to answer the needs of companies in all types of recruitment industries. Customers can tailor the system to fit their unique recruitment needs—not the other way around. TrackerRMS Recruitment delivers the features you need to better manage candidates and CVs, while also providing comprehensive, up-to-date reports and dashboards to view key information with just a click of a button.

About TrackerRMS
Headquartered in Buckinghamshire, England, TrackerRMS is dedicated to helping their clients fulfill their organizational needs by providing powerful yet cost effective business applications. Their product portfolio includes robust solutions in cloud CRM, project management, recruitment, and ticket management. TrackerRMS solutions do not require any additional software to be implemented, increasing business efficiency and maximizing ROI.

TrackerRMS Recruitment Key Features

Candidate Management
  • Capture contact information, skills, education, references, qualifications, and much more with of the most comprehensive Parser tools available
  • List the candidate criteria needed for your recruitment processes
  • Allow candidates to take part in the registration process through your website, creating a detailed candidate record
  • Create a candidate portal that allows candidates to easily update their availability via the Web
  • Allow candidates to enter their time sheets and other relevant information to an online portal
  • Post job applications on your website and set up automated responses and alerts
  • Automatically process candidate reference details against the candidate record, reducing administration time
  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook to create new candidates, place candidates on shortlists, and store any emails and attachments to candidate records


  • Effective sell your products and services with sales force automation and lead management tools
  • Manage your history of existing meetings, calls, emails and other communications
  • Manage your day-to-day contacts and activities
  • Leverage tools to manage all your documents and assets
  • Track opportunities and leads
  • Manage, track, and collate all payments and invoices
  • Automate and manage multi-channel campaigns


  • Configure workflows for each activity to automatically product the ext follow up, reminder or job cycle
  • Set alerts to inform candidates of new jobs that match their qualifications
  • Leverage a workflow driven template system that automatically updates when a template is sent out
  • Automatically send a personalized email confirmation when an interview is added to the system
  • Rapidly send CVS to multiple clients
  • Easily manage your long list with a traffic light sorting system

Placements & Reporting

  • Build and customize reports to your business needs
  • Update and correct business data and reporting in real time
  • Monitor KPIs and view activities with a User Scorecard
  • Calculate a factored value with a pipeline analysis tool that determines potential pipeline figures
  • View reports in graphics, on screen, or in Excel

Tools & Customization

  • Access TrackerRMS anywhere, at anytime with just an Internet connection
  • Set individual accounts with customizable access
  • Customize settings at both the company and user level
  • Configure the system to your workflow, while also allowing for custom personal settings
  • Utilize the system right away with quick deployments and simple navigation


  • Post job vacancies with just one click onto your company website
  • Export invoices, expense information, and payments directly
  • Fully integrate Microsoft Office applications, such as Outlook, to ensure that all important files are stored centrally
  • Easily import and export data with just the click of a button
  • Store all copies of your emails against your candidates and contacts records
  • Synchronize your calendar with Outlook or any other email system using the one-click vCalendar
  • Get instant and up-to-date data with back office integration

Marketing & Campaigns

  • Leverage 2-way SMS text messaging
  • Send personalized, targeted emails, texts, or letters
  • Alert employees to new opportunities with a live message board
  • Save time with template-driven emails that automatically pre-populate relevant details

Searching & Profiling

  • Save a full text version of candidate CVs
  • Quickly find candidates based on location with Radius searching
  • Leverage extensive searching abilities that include criteria such as profile, skill sets, qualifications, employment, education, as well as custom settings
  • View candidate location on Google maps with a map viewing function
  • Easily manage and produce long lists and assigned short lists

  • TrackerRMS Recruitment easily integrates with Microsoft Outlook, allowing you to keep track of candidates and candidate emails from one system with just a click of your mouse.
  • TrackerRMS can be accessed with just an Internet connection and companies can customize the screen to display the tabs that are most relevant to their business.
  • Built-in tools, such as for reporting and campaign management, allow businesses to see how well they are performing and to retrieve vital data instantly.

TrackerRMS Recruitment is one of the few solutions out there on the market that is tailored specifically for companies in recruitment industries. As a fully customizable system, TrackerRMS Recruitment allows companies to leverage a system that suits their workflow processes and that also integrates with any existing applications, such as Microsoft Office.

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