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TRADEPAQ OpenTrade Review

Product Snapshot


TRADEPAQ OpenTrade is a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

OpenTrade works with trading, banking, logistics and exchange companies.

About TRADEPAQ OpenTrade

TRADEPAQ OpenTradeTRADEPAQ OpenTrade is financial supply chain software that aims to streamline all financial processes. The software is founded on TRADEPAQ’s Java-based EDM platform which handles collaboration, workflows, reconciliations and document management. For each financial transaction, OpenTrade automatically gathers and distributes the requisite information from the buyer and seller to make the trade go through. As a result, less paper documentation is required, there’s less room for error and all parties can enjoy greater supply chain transparency.

TRADEPAQ began in Jersey City, NJ during 1978 with the goal of providing supply chain, collaboration, workflow and financial software solutions. The company has grown to establish offices in Hong Kong, Dubai, Madrid, the Netherlands, and Bogota. TRADEPAQ’s partners include ERPwire, Reuters, and Sitpro.

TRADEPAQ OpenTrade Key Features

  • Financial supply chain software that streamlines financial processes
  • Optimizes collaboration, accounts payable and receivable, cash management, transaction costs, administration and working capital
  • Automatically finds and distributes data needed to process transactions between buyer and seller
  • Reduces number of transaction errors and reliance on paper documentation
  • Increases supply chain transparency

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