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– TransLattice Application Platform Review

Product Snapshot


On-premise or cloud-based.

Customer Focus

TransLattice meets the needs of large enterprises in various industries.

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About TransLattice Application Platform

- TransLattice Application PlatformTransLattice Application Platform is a Platform-as-a-Service providing a high-performance environment to deploy enterprise applications using an SQL relational database. Instead of providing separate nodes for application features such as load balancing, runtimes, and relational storage, the TransLattice Application Platform provides identical nodes that can be scaled on an as-needed basis and accessed globally.

Founded in 2007, TransLattice is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. The company is backed by venture capital firm Doll Capital Management. TransLattice was awarded the 2012 World’s Best Award for Datacent by Information Technology.

TransLattice Application Platform Key Features

  • SQL relational database
  • Self-healing architecture
  • TransLattice clustering
  • Data governance
  • ANSI SQL and ACID semantics
  • Backup and primary data centers

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