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WorkXpress is used by the majority of Fortune 500 companies

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About WorkXpress

WorkXpressWorkXpress provides tools to build your own web and mobile applications. A RAD (Rapid Application Development) PaaS, WorkXpress prides itself on speed and flexibility. Private cloud hosting and private labeled branding are also available.

About WorkXpress
Founded in 2002, WorkXpress is headquartered in Harrisburg, PA. In 2012, Work Xpress was named Technology Product of the Year by TechQuest as well as an Up and Coming Cloud Computing Company by BTC Logic.

WorkXpress Key Features

  • No spec docs needed
  • SMS, email, telephony, mapping, and shipping integration
  • Mobile-ready
  • Optional self-service solution
  • Public or private cloud development
  • Easy, virtual interface

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  • Craig Jones

    WorkXpress developed software for us using their ‘plug ‘n’ play’ system, which allowed us to develop our product in a very cost effective manner. WorkXpress were great throughout the process ensuring that they had all of the requirements upfront and were able to fix any bugs we encountered effectively.

    They are very busy, which is obviously a sign of them being a great business. This did cause a couple of hold ups post the main development stage but these were minor teething issues.

    Overall, the guys at WorkXpress created a product that was exactly to our requirements and they held our hand through the process (we’re two sales people and certainly not tech savvy). I would definitely recommend them to businesses looking for great quality, cost effective software development.

  • Braden Chandler

    WorkXpress was a fantastic company to work with and exceeded all of our expectations. Our company set out to build a system for managing our business and Workxpress was able to do just that. From the very first phone conversation we had, I knew that this company was knowledgeable and could get the job done correctly. Not only did they address my wants and needs but they also provided me with great ideas to add to the system. Everything was done on time and on budget, I highly recommend WorkXpress!

  • dk

    We shopped around for a complete software company to build our product from scratch. During that process, we found that many companies claimed to be able to deliver our product in the time frame we needed, but no other firm was as thorough as WorkXpress. Our initial consultation was informative, but what really was impressive was the level of understanding their team had towards software development. WorkXpress systematically went through every aspect of our application and asked very specific questions regarding functionality. During the design phase, WorkXpress made sure we had in place exactly what we were looking for, and if not, they revised the design in a quick an efficient manner. The team is nothing but professional from the top on down. We will continue to partner with WorkXpress in the future. – Aaron Scott Rival Fever

  • Chelsea Sutula

    I hired WX for a custom application to manage inventory, online ordering, CRM and delivery routing for a delivery service. It’s not rocket science but required a bit of custom programming to work for us. Based on their “5GL” PAAS pitch and lofty promises we signed an agreement for just under $25K and were promised delivery in 12 weeks. We cancelled our agreement when, after FIVE MONTHS we got our first true taste of the horrendous user interface they were forcing us to use and we realized their team no longer understood my user or business needs, despite plenty of documents, use cases, mockups, and supporting information that we gave them. Our project manager was reassigned less than halfway through and that critical role on our project was never replaced. We were promised professional, trained programmers and what we got were new hires that had little programming or UI experience, asking us questions about what we meant by responsive design. Their platform is not responsive, it looks like it was designed in 1997 or so; their sales team is slick but their capabilities are far below what they advertise. I lost significant time and money for a valuable business opportunity that I will never get back, based on their shoddy management of our project and poor understanding of the user roles and user needs associated with it.

    Don’t be fooled by their website, do your due diligence and research companies that actually used them.

    They make you use their cumbersome ticketing system online for managing the development of your project. So if you want to ask your developer a question you have to submit a support ticket. It’s built on the same clunky, non-intuitive, non-responsive framework that they build all applications on. Their platform is OLD. This company is seriously behind the times. They overpromised and underdelivered. 🙁

  • Tom Lertola

    I’ve been using WorkXpress for 8 years and I am still very happy!

    SERVOLIFT LLC is a leading supplier of Material Handling and Process equipment to the Pharmaceutical Industry. In 2006, we realized we needed to combine all of our disconnected data (excel, access, paper files,.. ) into one company-wide application. We could not find an out of the box solution.

    Using the WorkXpress tools, I personally developed the application that handles most aspects of our business including Quoting (beautifully formatted PDF’s with pictures of our products emailed directly from the software in just a few clicks), Project Management, BOM, Scheduling, Purchasing, Shipping/Receiving, Customer order entry, Inventory, Commissions, Employee Training, PTO Management, Quality Control, custom reports …..and so much more. The robust automation and ease of use are simply amazing! I continue to find new ways to use the software to improve efficiency and boost the performance of our employees.

    In the time we have been using WorkXpress, our company has more than doubled in size and the software has helped us manage that.

    Regarding support – WorkXpress is outstanding. They respond quickly and even after hours and weekends if critical.

  • Rob

    I am currently
    in the final steps of the development process, and I am thrilled with
    the results of all the hard work the team has put into my software. My
    development team takes the time to understand my feedback, and are very
    responsive to any communication that I can provide. I would absolutely
    recommend WorkXpress to anyone who is looking to design and build a
    great looking, highly functional web application!

    Here are a few reasons why my experience has been good:
    – They are based in the US which is awesome if you live here!
    – Their bid was actually the best price that I was quoted (even from overseas clients).
    – They do a detailed design proposal before you even pay them a dime
    – The do everything by the book from a legal perspective so that both parties are protected
    – You get a portion of a team (because they also works on several other projects) dedicated to you
    – Everything is documented and has a paper trail in the management portal

  • George Hines

    Workxpress are dream builders! My friends and I have this grand idea that we had no clue of how to get off the ground. After month and months of searching for the right partners, we ran across Workxpress. The rest is history! They have been helpful in so many areas it is unreal. They even allowed us to come up on a visit. They showed us the office space and introduced us to everyone that would be working with us on our project. And to top it all off before we left they took a photo with me! Which made me feel like the President of the USA! Just knowing that our idea was worthy of building makes us feel accomplished. Workxpress has supported our vision wholeheartedly and have done everything in their power to help us realize our dream. These guys are a blessing. I highly recommend to any and everyone who have a vision that they want to turn into business or service. Workxpress is the team to go with! They will deliver!

  • Heat Leaked

    Let us start by saying: never in our wildest dreams did we believe we would be the ones getting a website developed, but Workxpress has taken our goal, made it a vision, and now they are helping us turn it into a business. They have been supportive in every way possible. We are thankful! Workxpress is legit! We definately recommed Workxpress to all people looking to turn the dreams into realities. They did it for us and they can certainly do it for you. They are patience and the service is tremendous! You guys are the best. We are well pleased!

  • Shane Siebken

    I have been working closely with WorkXpress since late January, 2016, and in that time, my company’s project has come from a somewhat nebulous concept to a fully-designed product which will be able to hit the ground running once development has been completed. WorkXpress has a great design process which emphasizes transforming a conceptual product into a workable minimum viable product. Their consultation and design can move forward very quickly, allowing for rapid prototyping and development of a functional product. With competitive pricing and industry experience, WorkXpress has been a pleasure to work with thus far, and give every indication that our project will move forward quickly once fully funded. The only true negative I have seen as of yet is their dated and occasionally non-responsive automated portal. It does not always reflect the reality of project progress or billing, and is apparently inflexible with deadlines, even from the side of WorkXpress. The alerts it sends out can be confusing when at odds with discussion to the sales team, and as a start-up with unpredictable funding, the alarms regarding late payments are nothing short of frightening.

  • Brett Cole

    12 months ago, workXpress and our organization joined in a
    partnership to develop and deploy our cloud based application, currently in
    production today. When starting our dental staffing business, it was
    quickly realized that we needed to develop a tool that would manage the
    requisition process. WorkXpress has been simply miraculous in extracting
    our objectives as we envisioned, then bringing them to life. What we now
    have discovered through this process, is that the application we have
    developed, will revolutionize the recruitment and staffing industries.
    Workxpress has proven to be more than just a partner as they have been keenly
    interested in our success and continue to play a major role in guiding and
    supporting us. We are excited about the future and what it holds as we
    continue to partner with workXpress on future cloud based development
    opportunities. We are grateful to CEO, Treff LaPlante, and his entire
    organization, for having the instinct and foresight to see the potential of our
    application on a global scale.

    Many thanks!

    Brett Cole


    Operations & Dental Temps Staffing Solutions