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– Vidizmo Studio Review

Product Snapshot


Vidizmo Studio is delivered on-demand on the cloud.

Customer Focus

Vidizmo Studio is focused on working with large businesses and multi-national enterprises.

Select Customers

Blue Ribbon Task Force, EHR Evolution, ej4, Clarkstown, University of Nebraska Omaha

About Vidizmo Studio

- Vidizmo Studio Vidizmo Studio allows companies to create and publish live and on-demand videos presentations. Vidizmo Studio brings together closed captions, screen capture, PowerPoint, interactive whiteboards, audio and images to provide the best aid for video presentation creation.
Vidizmo Studio is a product of Vidizmo, a live and on-demand video streaming provider. Vidizmo delivers solutions for business video, corporate communication, marketing, training and learning.

Vidizmo Studio Key Features

  • PowerPoint Synchronization
  • Content Library
  • Advanced Properties
  • Multilingual Closed Captions
  • Object Linking
  • Instantly Preview
  • Offline Playback
  • SCORM Compliant
  • Plan, Publish, and Schedule Live Sessions
  • Create DVD Style Menus
  • Content Synchronization

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