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Viewlocity Control Tower Platform Review

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About the Viewlocity Control Tower Platform

Viewlocity Control Tower Platform The Viewlocity Control Tower Platform is supply chain management software designed to manage and control all end-to-end aspects of the user’s supply chain including inbound and outbound transition, order and returns management, asset management and service management. The platform is designed to work with existing systems including ERP, WMS, and TMS systems, facilitates collaboration with suppliers, distributors, 3PLs and customers, and provides all stakeholders with up-to-date views of supply chain states and statuses.

The software models and monitors process variability, identifies system inefficiencies, and is built to support multiple best practices methodologies including lean and 6-sigma. Additionally, the platform provides users with a comprehensive executive dashboard that enables users to view metrics, KPIs, and scorecards, and works to improve internal operations by supporting sales and operations planning processes.

About the Company

Viewlocity Technologies was founded in 1999.


Viewlocity Tower Control Platform Key Features

  • Extended supply chain visibility
  • Real-time supply chain process control capabilities
  • Impact analysis alerts
  • Partner collaboration tools
  • Analytics and report generation


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