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– Visma Severa Resource Management Review

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Pricing starts at 28€ each month for each user.


Product is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

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Vendor works with companies of all sizes.

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About Visma Severa Resource Management

- Visma Severa Resource Management Visma Severa Resource Management is a module for Visma Severa PSA and ensures that all your resources and workers are being used without overstraining them. At the start, the program classifies workers by their roles, departments, and skill sets. As you start to initiate projects, the system tells you if your workforce can support them and which skill sets you need to take on further work. You can perform this check at a variety of levels (team, department, etc.), and once you agree to a project, you can schedule tasks for workers in a calendar. Once you have your calendar completed, Visma Severa Resource Management can sync it with Google Calendar and Outlook.

About the Company
Visma Severa was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Finland. The company works with over 700 customers in Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

Visma Severa Resource Management Key Features

  • SaaS resource management software solution
  • Classifies your workers by skills, department, and role
  • Tells you if you have enough manpower to initiate a project
  • Identifies holes in your work force’s collective skill set
  • Once you start a project, you can setup workers’ calendars with tasks
  • Calendars can sync with Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Supports an unlimited number of projects and tasks

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