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– Webbstone CRM Review

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Free demo. $89/month per user.



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Webbstone works with small and medium-sized companies.

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Webbstone CRM

- Webbstone CRM Built from the ground up starting with the UI, Webbstone CRM is dynamic, intuitive, and powered by the Raptor engine. From the system’s customizable Home Dashboard, you can view all your sales accounts and opportunities, attach notes to database items, track activities, and search through the system’s database. This program additionally creates and runs marketing campaigns, generates graphical and columnar reports, and can keep track of complex business activities and relationships. Webbstone CRM is hosted at a Microsoft Azure site, providing users with security, support, and stable uptime.

About Webbstone
Headquartered in Denver, CO, Webbstone aims to bring Cloud CRM solutions to the international business community. This software helps companies generate positive cash flow when their budgets and capitalization are low. Webbstone’s designers have over 20 years in software engine creation experience.

Webbstone CRM Features

  • Cloud-based CRM hosted at a Microsoft Azure site
  • Powered by Raptor engine
  • Organizes and tracks activities, marketing campaigns, and opportunities
  • Generates graphical and columnar reports
  • Can sort and view objects by particular references
  • Supports attachments for database objects
  • Can keep track of a unlimited number of relationships
  • Attach activities to any number of accounts or contacts
  • Service updates constantly improve UI and ease of use

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