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Product is available as a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

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Vendor works with small and mid-sized logistics, manufacturing, and retail companies.

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WHIZTEC HCM WHIZTEC HCM is human capital management software that provides companies with paperless workforce, compensation and talent management tools. The platform is equipped with extensive business process automation tools, and integrates employee administration, document management, and leave and travel management functionalities.

The software enables users to manage employee benefits, payroll and Employee Gratuity Fund (EPF) calculations. Additionally, the platform supports legal reporting including Wage Protection System (WPS) and Salary Information File (SIF), as well as assists companies with leveraging industry best practices.

About the Company

WHIZTEC was founded in 1996 and has locations in the UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, and India.


WHIZTEC HCM Key Features

  • Employee development and reward system
  • Talent retention tools
  • Works to reduce operational costs
  • Recurring, common or repetitive administrative task automation capabilities
  • Employee and manager self-service functionality
  • Deploys secure, role-based information
  • Facilitates internal and cross-department transactions
  • Corporate goal and objective management and support tools
  • Workforce analytic report generation
  • Learning cultivation and performance management tools


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