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WinWeb Cloud CRM Review

Product Snapshot


Pricing starts at $27 a month.


WinWeb Cloud CRM is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

WinWeb works with small and mid-sized companies.

Select Customers

ITV, Shell LiveWIRE, Löfbergs, Rebecca Scott International, Trade PMR

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About WinWeb Cloud CRM

WinWeb Cloud CRM WinWeb Cloud CRM helps you keep track of all your customers, projects, and leads so that you can maximize each opportunity. The program can work with data on your customers and suppliers so that you share it throughout your company, make it all easily searchable by text, and improve response times. For sales, the system works throughout the entire sales cycle to track each document. All customer interactions are stored in logs, and a calendar is available for you to schedule appointments. Lastly, WinWeb Cloud CRM can help you distribute emails and newsletters to all your leads.

About WinWeb
WinWeb was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Pittsburgh.

WinWeb Cloud CRM Key Features

  • SaaS CRM software solution
  • Handles your relationships with suppliers and customers
  • Easily shares information throughout your company
  • Can pull up data objects via text searches
  • Distributes emails and newsletters
  • Tracks each document associated with sales
  • Tells you which leads need follow-ups
  • Stores all interaction history
  • Cloud-based calendar for scheduling appointments

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