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Cegrid Yourcegid Retail CBR Review

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On-Premise, Software as a Service

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BO Technology is the choice of fashion retailers in the United States and worldwide. The company’s approach to technology and business is one of close collaboration with its customers to provide solutions that are smart and make common sense now and for the future. BO Technology’s scalable solution has allowed many of its customers to grow from small burgeoning retailers into thriving enterprise worldwide. In total over 1,000 brands with 20,000 stores and 50,000 POS use Yourcegid Retail CBR Software for business as their core retail management solution.

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Soft Surroundings, Ted Baker London, Sweaty Betty, QuikSilver, Paul Smith

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Yourcegid Retail CBR

Cegrid Yourcegid Retail CBRThe Yourcegid Retail solution suite brings together all the elements you need to create a comprehensive and integrated cross-channel retail environment.

Fashion retailers with two or more stores will find a particularly robust retail management system in Yourcegid Retail. The software adapts to the needs of franchises, concession stands, and department stores alike. The system can be controlled from a centralized hub for large chains, or smaller brands can separately manage the system at each location. Web access technology helps retailers sync data to POS terminals in real time, ensuring that every pricing update simultaneously goes into effect. Its simplicity and user-friendly interface make managing inventory, reports and up-to-date information easy.

A customer base of 1,000+ retailers with over 20,000 stores in 70 countries proves that Cegid offers very strong international solutions. Yourcegid Retail can be deployed in over 25 languages, with support for multi-national currencies, sales tax and other needs.

Product Highlights

  • Reputation for high-quality and reliable software
  • Vertical solutions for fashion, luxury, footwear, accessories, jewelry, and sportswear.
  • Lowest cost provider of global retail
  • Extensive deployment experience to roll-out on time and on budget
  • Massive flexibility and scalability, real-time management of multiple store locations with an omni-channel approach.
  • Supporting cross-channel retailing – Brick-and-mortar, web, franchise, corners, etc.
  • Global functionality – multi-language, multi-currency, tax.
  • Deep expertise in retail management
  • Strong industry partnerships
  • Comprehensive retail solution
  • Proactive client relation
  • Cutting-edge technology – Mobility, RFID, Digital Signage, etc.

About BO Technology
Founded in 2002, BO Technology is a leader in providing groundbreaking technology solutions to fashion and specialty retailers with a focus on point-of-sale, hardware and eCommerce solutions.

BO Technology’s strong partnership with Cegid allows it to deliver complete and innovative solutions for the fashion industry, together with turnkey installation, professional training and support. We have the knowledge and expertise to implement and support Cegid’s point-of-sale software and we take pride in assisting our clients in their business growth.

As a CEGID Certified Partner, BO Technology is at the forefront of leveraging the power of Yourcegid Retail. Additionally, BO Technology offers a full range of services that maximize the value and usage of Yourcegid Retail.

Yourcegid Retail CBR Key Features

  • Point-of-sale and Mobility
  • Customer service at the POS (Special orders, Lay-aways, Repair & Alterations)
  • Omni-channel Management
  • Merchandise Management and Transfers
  • Ordering and Receiving Goods
  • Inventory Optimization and Replenishment
  • Customer Relationship Management and Loyalty
  • In-Store Human Resources
  • Loss Prevention
  • Business Intelligence

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  • Leonora Pons Beaubois

    I am very disappointed with CEGID. They sold it to me as a bespoke system but that’s not what it is, it is very expensive and the customer service for small retailer is just awfull!!