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GrapeCity Spread

Spread is application development software that provides companies with a complete spreadsheet solution for .NET and JavaScript. The platform enables users to deliver first-class enterprise apps with this extensible, flexible Excel-like UI.

GrapeCity ActiveReports

ActiveReports is application development software that provides companies with a fast, complete .NET reporting solution. The platform is equipped with code-based reporting, easy-to-use designers, and a flexible API.

GrapeCity ComponentOne Ultimate

ComponentOne Ultimate is an application development tool built with cross-platform UI controls, and is designed to complete the users’s toolkit by providing fast, flexible UI controls for JavaScript, .NET, and Xamarin. That includes ComponentOne Studio’s 300+ .NET UI controls, Wijmo’s 60+ JavaScript UI controls with full framework support, ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin’s native mobile grids, charts, and gauges, 2200+ images and icons, and platinum phone support.

Perforce Software Helix ALM

Helix ALM is an asset lifecycle management modular suite of ALM tools such as requirements management (Helix RM), test case management (Helix TCM), and issue management (Helix IM). The suite proves compliance through a traceability matrix, provides companies with automated workflows, is equipped with risk management tools, and measures metrics in order to generate reports.


ReQtest is a cloud-based project management and software testing tool that helps enterprises in test management, bug tracking and requirement management operations. The platform is an end to end solution for software testing processes with features such as quick test management, product requirements management with agile dashboard, requirement traceability matrix, and integration with JIRA.

Automai AppsWatch

AppsWatch is an IT infrastructure monitoring software solution that helps users resolve service issues during app usage. The platform allows users to test applications, protocols, response times and specific features and from there, users can identify issues, troubleshoot them and find out the root causes to problems.

Automai AppVerify

AppVerify is automated functional testing software that centralizes all of the user’s tests, ensures that all test cases are covered every time, and delivers actionable insights and report results without requiring users to write code. The platform runs automated regression testing from the front end, automatically creates scripts for all of the user’s test cases, and determines the success or failure of each test based on user-defined validation points.

Finastra is Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) software that enables users to create financial service applications by opening up the software’s core systems. The platform encourages and facilitates collaboration through co-innovation, co-go to market, co-location, co-development, and co-validation functionalities, and is built on three main components – a development environment in Fusion Creator, a production environment in Fusion Operate and an application marketplace in Fusion Store.


Idealstack is a cloud-native hosting console that deploys and manages a best-practice website hosting cluster for PHP-based websites and applications on the Amazon Web Services Cloud. The platform provides an easy to use, familiar interface for web developers, automatically handles system updates, and provides a modern, well-architected hosting platform for AWS with auto-scaling, fault tolerance and self-healing.

Lightbend Reactive Platform

Lightbend Reactive Platform is application development software designed specifically to build Reactive systems utilizing an open source core. The enterprise suite includes application management, intelligent monitoring, enterprise integrations, advanced tooling and application security tools.