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XQual XStudio

XStudio is an application testing software solution that works throughout the ALM cycle to meet all QA needs. Users start out by automatically or manually initiating tests and seeing how long each test would take.

Overcome 4 QA Challenges with Test Management Software

Test management software is a major resource for any organization that wants to improve its quality assurance processes as well as the overall quality of its software. As central platforms for software testing and other related tasks, these resources can help team leaders address many common QA challenges.

WizeHive Zengine

Zengine is an application development software solution that enables users to quickly build custom business applications. With this platform, developers can add integrations and complex functionality to extend the application process.

– Typesafe Reactive Platform

Typesafe Reactive Platform is an application development software solution that provides a unified development environment for apps.

Goda Software CASE Spec

CASE Spec is an ALM software solution that allows product development teams to efficiently define, organize and capture mission-critical business needs, and manage all types of requirements across the project’s lifecycle. The software captures customers’ requirements, use cases, bugs and backlogs when developing and releasing products.

– Devicify

Devicify is a connected products management software solution that generates and designs software for physical objects and assets.

Understanding the Benefits of Integrating Automated Testing with DevOps

Across software projects, DevOps is becoming a major asset for turning out products that not only have limited bugs, but will also be effective for user needs. Read on to learn about the benefits of integrating automated testing with DevOps and how to choose when to begin automating.

QASymphony qTest Explorer

qTest Explorer is a QA testing software solution that supports exploratory testing and manual testing for case management documents. The platform enables users to test case managers can use the tool’s intelligent capture technology to track and record all steps taken during testing.

QASymphony qTest Platform

The qTest Platform is a QA testing software solution that allows teams of all sizes to manage their manual scripted, exploratory and automated testing in one central location. The tool provides real-time integration to the most popular ALMs like JIRA, Rally and VersionOne.


Warewolf is an application development software solution that turns the complication of integration into a simple, seamless process that is deployable across multiple systems. The software comes with over 40 tool connectors, including drag-and-drop tooling, a rapid prototyping platform, visual IDE and secure messaging.