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Application Development

What’s in Store for ALM in 2011

As applications are dominating the software, computing and network spaces as of late – and significant growth in this area […]

Agile software development morphs QA Jobs

The role of the QA professional has changed in recent years, as these must adapt to the adoption of QA software in the cloud. The skills now needed for QA professionals, who work with ALM and QA software to improve quality, include an understanding of data quality, networking protocols and development knowledge.

Usability Testing Made Easy with

While it’s easy to customize your website, it’s difficult to predict how visitors will interact with the new site. was launched in 2008 to provide developers and designers with usability feedback. Now, they’ve launched new features and a new homepage to give you the best user feedback possible, by paying people to record their on-screen actions and voice while engaging with your site.