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Maytech Quatrix

Quatrix is file sharing and cloud storage software that enables IT teams to enforce compliance, data protection and information security policies. The platform is equipped with granular administrative controls, full audit trails, and is white labelled in order to integrate with the user’s brand and corporate identity.

DreamHost Cloud

DreamHost Cloud is a cloud storage software solution that provides a public cloud for hosted files. The platform enables users to reach the cloud via direct access or integrate it with third party platforms through an API. Once everything is set up, the program charges users based on download bandwidth rates and the total amount of data stored.

Behind the Software Q&A with Inktank’s VP of Community and Marketing

Inktank is helping businesses alleviate that burden with a software storage system based on the open-source project Ceph, which provides a more flexible cluster-based software storage alternative to your standard hardware storage. We spoke with Ross Turk, Inktank’s VP of Community and Marketing, about the company’s unique subscription offering, the benefits gained from building on Ceph and its plans to transform the software storage industry.

Dell EMC Protection Suite

Dell EMC Data Protection Suite is data protection software with editions designed specifically for enterprises, backup processes and application security. The suite is equipped with replication, snapshot, backup and archive tools, and is designed to ensure secure and efficient backups are stored in the cloud for long-term retention.

Nexenta Systems NexentaStor

NexentaStor is cloud storage software that delivers both unified file (NFS and SMB) and block (FC and iSCSI) storage services, enables users to configure and manage day-to-day tasks such as deploying pools and creating file systems, and supports all-flash, hybrid and all-disk scaling. The platform provides users with all data management functionalities, checks and assesses the user’s storage environment health and status, and is designed to work as a swap-in replacement of legacy blocks and file storage appliances.

– Progress DataDirect DataDirectCloud

Progress DataDirect DataDirectCloud works with SaaS applications, big data sources and social media channels to connect them to a cloud storage platform. To do this, users just need to embed a single component into a SaaS program. Once everything is linked up, users have access to big data around the clock, can compute on-demand and stream data in an optimized fashion.

– Progress DataDirect DataDirectConnect

Progress DataDirect DataDirectConnect works across business applications to connect them to data stored in the cloud. Although this type of data storage is remote, the program guarantees that it can boost application performance by increasing response times and lowering the toll on local hardware.

– Progress DataDirect DataIntegration Suite

Progress DataDirect DataIntegration Suite integrates with enterprise platforms to make them compatible with a wide range of data source types. The program starts out by visually mapping a data source and generating a code based off of it.

Zetta DataProtect

Zetta DataProtect is an enterprise cloud backup solution that is able to store up to 5 terabytes of backup data in 24 hours. The solution reliably supports organizations such as Marketo, UCLA and Mint by providing 3-in-1 backup in local, offsite and remote replication for instant or disaster recovery. All files are in its proprietary format and replicated without compression.

Wipro Appirio Cloud Storage

Appirio Cloud Storage works within Salesforce to host files of any size and type online. The first thing users need to do is add the app to their Salesforce account. From there, whenever users log on to Salesforce and head to the storage space and move notes, attachments, and more to and from there.