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Convercent is end-to-end ethics and compliance management software that provides users with a centralized system and automated processes. The platform offers multiple tool sets including tools for insight generation, issue reporting and tracking, campaign management, disclosures, and third-party policies.


FairWarning is a compliance management software solution that works across Salesforce to ensure that all data is safe and secure. The program continuously monitors user activity and sends out alerts for any suspicious actions.

Riskonnect Aruvio

Aruvio is a compliance management software solution that works inside Salesforce to enforce compliance with over 900 types of industry standards. The program comes with a centralized database of policies and controls and automatically identifies user actions that do not align with these rules.

Bloomberg Vault

Bloomberg Vault is a compliance management software solution that uses information governance and analytics to enforce compliance over large sums of unstructured data. The program puts all uploaded data behind biometric authentication and logs all user activity in audit trails.

– Steton 360

Steton 360 is a compliance management solution that helps companies execute processes in accordance with drafted budgets, regulations and strategies. As users establish business strategies and plans, the program can capture data from all points in an organization and create reports on business performance.

SIRIUS Software ISO 360

ISO 360 is process and compliance management software designed to manage quality, environment systems and health and safety systems. The platform provides multiple standards including ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9004, ISO 1400, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, OHSAS 18000, OHSAS 18001, and ISO/TS 16949.

ADP SmartCompliance

ADP SmartCompliance is a HR software solution that enforces compliance in the areas of payroll, employment and taxes. Right at the start, users get to work with an ADP partner who inspects all HR systems in a company.

Actiance Vantage

Vantage works across the user’s enterprise IT infrastructure to enforce compliance and guard against data leaks and toxic content. Within the program, users can set policies at a granular level that block and notify them of certain keywords and phrases.

Actiance Socialite

Socialite is social media channel compliance and moderation software that provides users with the ability to flexibly customize public social channel usage policies for multiple third-party systems including Workplace by Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WeChat and WhatsApp. The platform works across multiple devices and provides users with real-time blocking, alerting and moderation capabilities.

MetricStream ISO 9000 Compliance

MetricStream ISO 9000 Compliance is compliance and quality management software that provides users with a process-centric approach towards quality management. The platform automates quality management processes, provides users with real-time quality metrics visibility, works to reduce costs accrued from poor quality, and ensures users comply with ISO 9000 standards.