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Logility Voyager Demand Planning

Logility Voyager Demand Planning is a demand planning software solution that automates all purchase forecasting. The program reviews all past financials and uses this data to build on-demand forecast models.

E2open Sensing and Planning

E2open Sensing and Planning is demand and supply chain planning software purpose-built to ensure up-to-date instructions and planning details are sent to suppliers and provides users with signal repository and retail insights. The platform is equipped to generate forecasts based on current market realities, monitor demand signals across the value chain and is designed to work with existing demand planning systems already in place.

Demand Works Smoothie Desktop

Smoothie Desktop is demand planning software that provides users with sales and operation planning tools presented in a browser interface. The platform is equipped with inventory segmentation and optimization tools, forecasting capabilities, and combines Pivot Forecasting and data-based demand management with advanced demand planning tools.

– Infor10 Sales & Operations Planning

Infor10 Sales & Operations Planning is a top SCM solution that’s built with extensive features to manage supply, demand, and financial processes.