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– Infor10 Sales & Operations Planning Review

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Infor solutions are delivered with flexible deployment options, including on-premise and hosted, to meet the needs of their customers.

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Infor10 Sales & Operations Planning is designed to meet the requirements of manufacturers and distributors.

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Biogen, Yara International, Knauf Drywall UK, Hallmark, AB World Foods, Senukai

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Knauf Drywall

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About Infor10 Sales & Operations Planning

- Infor10 Sales & Operations PlanningInfor10 Sales & Operations Planning is built with over 25 years of supply chain management experience from industry experts. With Infor10 Sales & Operations Planning, businesses can gain visibility and insight into all aspects of demand and supply processes, bringing together operational plans with strategic business goals. Infor10 Sales & Operations Planning is built with extensive features to help organizations gain a holistic view of supply, demand, and finance to find new channels for profit.

About Infor
Infor is the third largest provider of business software and services in the world. Serving more than 70,000 customers in over 164 countries, Infor delivers enterprise, industry-specific applications that are designed to drive growth and improve operations.

Infor10 Sales & Operations Planning Key Features

Demand-Supply Balancing

  • Create plans using any groupings of products, customers, channels, or geography
  • Use units, costs, or sales values to plan

S&OP Process Support

  • Enforce processes and task completion with embedded task management
  • Document all activities and decisions
  • Enforce compliance reporting by tracking all changes made to demand or supply

Common Information Repository

  • Create a common information system with imported data from sources such as demand, inventory, and planned production
  • Conduct business analyses using forecasts and sales history

Unit and Currency Synchronization

  • Sync monetary and unit forecasts to enhance decision-making
  • Allow staff to view relevant cross-departmental information

Collaboration Network

  • Synchronize and rationalize sales and operational forecasts across areas that involve key stakeholders
  • Use one set of data to enhance collaboration
  • Automatically compile and store data to allow interactive analytics

Event Alerts

  • Automatically receive alerts to plan for changes and make appropriate adjustments
  • Analyze exceptions to find the causes of any change
  • Use workflows to speed up reviews and approvals

Key Performance Indicator Measurement

  • Measure and track progress of meeting financial objectives
  • Make continuous improvements in order to goals

S&OP Process Modeling

  • Enforce unique business processes using embedded alerts and task management

ERP Integration

  • Integrate with Infor10 ERP
  • Leverage an open platform to integrate with any non-Infor ERP system

Embedded Analytics

  • Gain insight into operational plans at various grouping levels
  • View and analyze forecasts, actual, inventory, and supply plans


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