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Discrete Manufacturing Questions

Migration path MS Dynamics GP to AX

What is the migration path for MS Dynamics GP current ERP customers to AX?

Navison vs SAP

How does Navision compare to SAP?

ERP system in AS400/iSeries

How can we develop the best ERP system in AS400/iSeries?

Low Cost ERP

What’s the best software for a company that wants to develop their ERP solution at a lower cost?

FlowCentric in 49 Seconds

Rent IT – The Perfect Video Rental System in 49 Seconds, as viewed in the Classic Navigator.

Best ERP for VAR

What’s the best ERP system for a VAR?

10 Reasons for Exact Globe

For most businesses, 2009 presented economic challenges just about all of us simply hadn’t seen before, and many companies made the very reasonable choice to limit spending to absolute essentials. But with early signs pointing toward recovery, the reasons to begin investing in your business again are coming back into focus.

Rise of Cloud ERP Solutions

As you take advantage of all that a new ERP solution can provide, companies can now also take advantage of all that the cloud can provide. Massive money and time savings, increased flexibility, increased security, and worldwide access are just a few reasons why cloud ERP solutions are sharply on the rise.

ERP Strategies – Single Instance ERP or Two-Tier Approach

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is one of the more important upgrades ever in business software. It allowed companies to put their entire company under one umbrella, with one program that gave visibility to the entire organization.