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Infor Design Automation

Infor provides two unique design automation solutions, Infor 2D Design Automation and Infor 3D Design Automation. Infor 2D Design Automation lets users generate dynamic 2D models and drawings that can be output in a variety of raster formats.

Infor Product Configurator

Infor Product Configurator helps manufacturers handle configured products or services to support most users and applications. Using the Infor Product Configurator, users can create product models and ensure that configuration is seamless and error-free. This solution lets manufacturers accelerate key processes such as quoting, order entry and price book or catalog generation. Infor Product Configurator eliminates errors in product specification and pricing, and speeds new product introduction.

From the Community: Medical Device Manufacturing Software

This week’s community question comes from. Bob S. asks, “Researching our next generation ERP / MRP application for use in a medical device manufacturing shop environment. FDA & ISO13485 level of quality system. Currently using Epicor Vista 8. Is there a better solution?” Our experts compare the leading MRP and ERP software solutions.

Godlan SyteLine ERP

Godlan SyteLine ERP provides the foundation to improve business efficiency, customer service, and overall manufacturing productivity for a broad range of industries, including metal fabrication, industrial equipment and machinery, high-tech and electronics and more.

Epicor CMS

Epicor CMS is an ERP solution for discrete manufacturers. Epicor CMS is designed to help manage complex supply chains while reducing shipping errors, improving inventory accuracy and strengthening enterprise-wide control and supplier management. Epicor CMS can be used by single-plant to enterprise-level discrete manufacturing companies in plastics and rubber, stamping and forging, automotive supply chains and general manufacturing.

Top 5 Discrete Manufacturing Software

Discrete manufacturing has its own set of challenges and needs that have to be met by the software that controls it, but even finding the right solution can be difficult. Because discrete manufacturing is not continuous, software must be capable of more complex functions including delivering more sophisticated routing, capacity planning, engineering change management, and outsourced production within a routing sequence. Read on for reviews of five top manufacturing solutions that are robust and reliable.

Epicor iVP

Epicor iVP is designed to help manage complex supply chains while reducing shipping errors, improving inventory accuracy and strengthening enterprise-wide control and supplier management.

The Essential Guide to ERP for Assembly Manufacturers

Any progressive assembly manufacturer has heard some mention of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. But what exactly is ERP software and why would it be useful to your business?

SaaS Simplified: Five Things to Consider Before Deploying a Cloud-Based ERP Software Solution

Rapidly gaining popularity in recent years, Cloud technology has begun to greatly reshape the manufacturing environment as we know it. Through ERP software that offers Cloud programs such as smart phone and tablet applications, customer and vendor Web portals and real-time production monitoring from anywhere, the Cloud purports to offer manufacturers a new level of accuracy, transparency and control.

Implementation Tips from the Trenches

Congratulations on the selection of your new ERP software solution! According to Panorama Consulting Services’ 2012 ERP Report, 54 percent of implementations take longer than anticipated and 56 percent cost more than budgeted. While these budget and duration overrun numbers are not an accurate reflection of IQMS’ services, they are still numbers that no one in the ERP industry can be proud of.