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ERP Checklist – Steps to Finding the Right ERP Software

No doubt the processes and systems that help you manage your business are constantly evolving and becoming more complex as you work to carve out your market niche. Some of your workflows are manual, some paper-based, some digital, some automated.

ERP Traceability Functions: Going Beyond the Hype

Today’s manufacturers are looking for ERP solutions that improve operations, cutcosts, and help improve product quality. These enterprises want to move “beyond the hype” and away from the empty promises of many ERP vendors in the marketplace.

Focus on Financials

In this turbulent market, leading industry analysts suggest that manufacturers stabilize their respective businesses, protecting them from excessive risk and ensuring that the enterprise has the liquidity necessary to weather the crisis.

Get ERP Right the First Time – A Practical Guide to Selecting and Implementing a New ERP System

Manufacturing in the U.S. is getting tougher all the time and the pressure is unrelenting. To remain competitive, you must continually cut costs, increase productivity and improve quality, while at the same time offering better service, faster delivery and lower prices.

How Successful ERP Selections Are Made

When comparing ERP systems, functionality should be considered against the backdrop of the entire package – its technology and its vendor. Only by doing so can manufacturers ensure they make a right and lasting choice.

How to Assure ERP Success: Taking Ownership Delivers Results for Carsound

More often than not, companies that implement an ERP system and have trouble achieving rapid return on investment (ROI) may labor under this misconception, or at the very least may underestimate their own role in successful implementation and operation of their new enterprise software environment.

Ten Warning Signs That Your ERP System Is Killing Your Business

Today’s manufacturing enterprise is challenged by rising material costs, increasing competition, and ever-changing customer requirements. If a manufacturer’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is not up to par, these companies are faced with dizzying levels of complexity, duplication of effort, and in the worse cases, poor quality and customer service. This paper describes the warning signs that an ERP system is killing a business, and suggests how companies can thrive with a new approach to business systems.

The Executive Guide to Contract and Chargeback Management: How Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Smartly Automate to Strengthen Profitability

Small and mid-sized pharmaceutical manufacturers are struggling to manage large group purchase organization (GPO) contracts, process heavy volumes of chargeback submissions and ensure pricing policies are fully compliant with regulatory requirements.

The When, Why and How of ERP Support for Lean

In this paper we respectfully present our conclusion, namely that some LEAN initiatives can be hugely strengthened with a synergistic ERP implementation and vice versa, whereas in other cases the two efforts should really be viewed as separate initiatives and managed independently from each other. This is, however, not an open ended “it depends on what you want” answer; we conclude that specific LEAN initiatives will eventually fail without considerable attention to specific ERP aspects but that other specific LEAN initiatives and specific ERP functionality have little in common.

Top Die Casting Drives Quality, Consistency with ERP from IQMS

Top Die Casting Company understands the value of quality delivered at a competitive price, on time, every time. As a leading domestic, full-service provider of aluminum die castings and plastic-injected moldings, Top Die Casting serves an array of high-profile customers in both consumer and industrial markets.