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Why PDF Document Storage Should Matter for Small Business

Although the Portable Document Format’s (PDF) development dates back to the 90s, it remains one of the most widely-used document […]


Qualio is healthcare-focused quality and compliance management software built to help companies reach FDA, ISO and GxP compliance, and is equipped with a variety of functionalities including document control, training tools, CAPAs, NCRs, audit management, supplier management, and compliant management within the same system. The platform automatically processes workflows such as notifying the appropriate users when a document is created or updated, tracks all activity within the system and can create audit logs, and provides access to expert partners through the system’s interface.

Hridayam Soft Solutions ShareDocs Enterpriser

ShareDocs Enterpriser is a secure document management solution that promises high-level document security and ease of document retrieval. The platform is built upon cutting-edge open source technology, and the DMS comes with a host of features and functionalities including micro as well as macro-level user access restrictions, bulk upload, automated indexing of documents, auto-linking of documents to one record (virtual document sets).

HelpSystems Webdocs

Webdocs is electronic document management software designed to manage and capture all documents and data in order to create a paperless workflow and document repository. The platform is equipped with document indexing tools so that users can easily find documents stored within the system, protects documents and data from both internal and external threats, and is designed to manage the entire document lifecycle.

Uplevl for Document Management

Uplevl for Document Management is a robust document management software solution that provides users with unlimited document storage within a centralized system. The platform is equipped with document search capabilities, automatically tracks document versions and revisions, and is built with flexible workflow capabilities that automatically route documents for reviews and approvals based on pre-set rules.

PSIGEN Software Inc PSIsafe

PSIsafe is document managements software that streamlines operations, increase security, and improves compliance. The platform is equipped with document and file change scheduling and forms management tools, enables users to securely share documents with non-users, non-company stakeholders and clients, and is equipped with automated workflow capabilities.

Tasytt Inc

Obie is an AI software solution for document and knowledge management, and provides users with a single system with which to store and manage information, enabling teams to more easily locate and access important documents. The platform provides users and teams with verified knowledge within Slack and Stride, and is designed to integrate with tools users may already be using such as Confluence, JIRA, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

7 Benefits to Look for in Your Document Management Software

Choosing the right document management software for your business can be an extensive process. There are questions about how to […]


FAX.PLUS is cross-platform online fax service service available through web, iOS and Android devices, and enables users to send and receive fax messages from any location without requiring a fax machine, a fax modem or a landline phone. The platform optimizes documents for fax transmission using image processing servers, and offers a mobile application to facilitate business processes from any location.


LogicalDOC is document and business process management software that enables users to control document management processes, and is focused on fast content retieval and business process automation. The platform enables users to create, co-author and coordinate any number of documents, facilitate collaboration and productivity processes via web interface, and is designed to integrate with Microsoft Office and Outlook.