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Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery

Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery is enterprise backup and recovery software equipped to handle multi-cloud backup processes, application and database backups, virtual machines, endpoints and disaster recovery. The platform is designed to equip companies with all the backup and recovery tools they need within a single solution, and provides users with visibility into their data protection infrastructure and operations.

UpSafe Office 365 Backup

UpSafe Office 365 Backup is backup software designed specifically to connect to and back up Office 365 tools Outlook, OneDrive and SharePoint. The platform is designed to backup and protect corporate email accounts from both user error and external threats, allows access to backed up data from any location, and provides an additional layer of security to OneDrive accounts.

UpSafe Google G Suite Backup

UpSafe Google G Suite Backup is backup software designed specifically for Google G Suite tools including Gmail, Google Drive, and team drives. The platform is equipped with both granular and full recovery tools, automatically creates backups of all contacts, emails and calendars attached to corporate Gmail accounts, and can restore emails that have been deleted from trash folders.

How to Choose an Enterprise Data Backup Solution

Before getting too far ahead of yourself, your business should confirm a few fundamentals to help focus and narrow your search for that backup solution your company needs.

RackWare RMM Cloud Management Platform

RackWare RMM Cloud Management Platform is an enterprise backup software solution that provides an economic way to perform disaster recovery. The program starts out by integrating with IT assets and copying their operating systems, apps and data into the cloud.

Symantec Ghost Solution Suite

Symantec Ghost Solution Suite is an enterprise backup software solution that can manage hundreds of backups and deployments at an enterprise scale. The program can work in both Linux and Windows environments and indexes all files, user settings and configurations.

4 Tools Healthcare Companies Need in Their Digital Security Arsenal

As a healthcare provider serving consumers in our technology-driven age, you must also protect the sensitive data that you’re entrusted with. We’ve outlined a variety of security software tools that can help you do just that, whether you’re a medical office, hospital, insurance provider, rehab center or pharmaceutical company. Use our list as a starting point to identify and correct any weak spots in your security processes.

Barracuda Backup

Barracuda Backup is cloud-integrated all-in-one enterprise backup software that supports data recovery and management processes. The platform is equipped with inline deduplication capabilities that works to reduce storage and bandwidth requirements, replication tools that allows users to transfer data from any backup appliance, and offsite vaulting functionality.


Carbonite is enterprise backup software that provides users with unlimited cloud storage, automatic data backup, easy file recovery, access from any location and built-in security measures. The platform is designed to instantly restore files even if original hard drive fails or is lost, and ensures that all restored files are clean and free of viruses.

– CommVault Simpana

CommVault Simpana is an enterprise backup software solution that systematically works with stored data to protect its quality. At the start, users can set up backup policies, workflows and schedules for an entire enterprise. During each backup, the program guards against unauthorized data duplication, indexes all files and protects all data.