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FATbit Technologies VivoGigs

VivoGigs is a marketing software solution that enables users to create a gigs-focused marketplace system that connects event planners with artists through user-friendly functionality and responsive web pages. The software allows all users to access the website easily with an extensive set of functionalities, and the robust solution has been designed in such a way that it can be easily customized according to clients requirements.


EventBookings is event management software designed to manage event ticketing, enables users to create event pages with unique URLs, and allows users to incorporate company branding elements such as colors and images. The platform enables the user’s customers to read through all necessary event information, choose their seat from a visual display of the venue, and purchase tickets via credit card.

Meeting Application

Meeting Application is and event management application that assists businesses with event planning and organization. The software allows users to create a centralized hub for attendees and speakers to set up professional profiles and interact with each other and to make connections via external sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.


Regpack is registration software that allows users to create payment plans and invoices through an integrated payment process tool, and integrated online payment system and automate communication utilizing email triggers. The platform provides businesses with the ability to create custom forms with built-in widgets and field types, data validation tools and conditional logic.

5 Features of Event Management Software for Stress-Free Planning

With a robust event management software system, an event planner can smoothly track guest lists, organize master calendars, create event websites, receive e-signatures, manage budgets and more. When choosing to incorporate a management system, it is crucial to analyze the features of event management software that address a business’s needs.

Event Farm Attend

Attend is an event management software solution that makes it easy to run events throughout their entire lifecycles. At the start of the lifecycle, users can create a registration webpage from a library of customizable forms, invite guests over email and track all email responses.


etouches is an event management software solution that is designed to process a large number of guest registrations throughout the course of a year. The program comes with a number of modules that allow users to build event webpages, process guest registrations and promote events through different online channels.


Gather is an event management software solution that is designed to put on events at restaurant spaces. At the start of an event lifecycle, users can process event requests from customers and draft quote proposals for them. Once the agreement is signed, the program can put the event on a company calendar, track all guest attendance commitments and charge a customer credit card.

– Takeplace

Takeplace is an event management software solution that streamlines all event-related operations from any type of mobile device. When creating a new event, users can choose from one of many event templates, add in event details and set up ticket structures.

Cvent RegOnline

RegOnline is an event management software solution that streamlines event experiences for all guests and attendees. Users can start out by creating an event webpage, setting ticket structures and promoting events across social media.