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Omnitracs Roadnet Routing

Omnitracs Roadnet Routing is fleet tracking and management software that provides companies with a daily tactical routing tool that optimizes routes and balances profitability against customer requirements. The platform utilizes advanced algorithms and custom routing passes, enables users to create multiple intelligent route plans, and is designed to help companies reduce distribution costs and the number of miles fleet vehicles have to cover.

CorvusGPS EverTrack GPS Tracker

EverTrack GPS Tracker is a fleet tracking and field service management app that utilizes Android mobile phones and tablets as real-time GPS tracking devices. The platform allows companies to keep track of mobile work forces on a single map, share position related data with team members, and send arrival on field and task completion status updates to dispatchers.

Spireon FleetLocate

FleetLocate is fleet management software that provides users with intelligent data on fleet performance by driver and by vehicle. The platform provides users with real-time fleet visibility 24/7/365, monitors driver behavior such as speeding and idling, and alerts users to vehicle maintenance based on diagnosis.

Gofleet MyGeotab

MyGeotab is a web-based fleet management software that allows users to view all vehicle and driver information in a central hub in order to facilitate timely, well-informed decision making. The platform is fully scalable in order to accommodate fleets of all sizes, generates customized reports and is equipped with rule configuration settings.

Prova Systems Fleet Genius

Fleet Genius is a fleet management software suite designed to help small and mid-sized fleets monitor fleet performance and maintain vehicles. Each time a driver uses a company vehicle, the platform can monitor driver behavior, fuel use, mileage, destinations and other expenses.

DPSI iMaint Fleet

iMaint Fleet is a fleet maintenance management software solution that centralizes all fleet data into a digital file cabinet. As company vehicles go out into the field each day, the program monitors all fleet usage and can set up reminders for time periods when maintenance is due.

Dossier Fleet Maintenance Management Software

Dossier Fleet Maintenance Management Software is a fleet maintenance management software solution that seeks to reduce all costs associated with repairs. When users come in each day for work, the program notifies them of all overdue maintenance-related tasks and current work orders. As vehicles head out to perform jobs, the system logs all of their usage and identifies at-risk assets with the help of predictive maintenance algorithms.

– GE Capital Fleet Services Maintenance Management

GE Capital Fleet Services Maintenance Management is a fleet maintenance management software solution that handles all maintenance and repair operations. The program can authorize all maintenance procedures and allows the GE Capital team to negotiate costs with vendors.

From the Community: “I don’t want GPS fleet tracking software”

GPS tracking has been the go-to fleet management solution lately. It has demanded so much attention that I have tackled the two largest concerns dispatchers have about GPS fleet tracking software: privacy and cost. Despite its popularity, not all fleets want GPS fleet tracking. Sometimes all a dispatcher wishes to track is the health of its vehicles.

– Verizon Networkfleet

Verizon Networkfleet is a set of fleet management software solutions that is powered by Verizon technology. Much of the program revolves around fleet tracking. For instance, you can pull up vehicle locations on GPS, find fixed and movable assets, and view alerts when problems are detected within your fleet.