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From the Community: "I don't want GPS fleet tracking software"

From the Community: “I don’t want GPS fleet tracking software”

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Finding the right fleet maintenance management software for your company is a beast of a task. Similar to workforce management, which helps provide employees essential needs like a pleasant workspace and competitive pay salary, each vehicle in a fleet also has complex needs like oil changes and tuneups to stay in optimal shape. Identifying which software you require for fleet management — and determining which software has features you don’t want — can get overwhelming.

This week’s From the Community post comes from Ginger J. who asks, “Don’t want GPS tracking. Want data collection per vehicle. Is there stand alone software available?

GPS tracking has been the go-to fleet management solution lately. It has demanded so much attention that we have tackled the two largest concerns dispatchers have about GPS fleet tracking software: privacy and cost. Despite its popularity, not all fleets want GPS fleet tracking. Sometimes all a dispatcher wishes to track is the health of its vehicles.

To help Ginger out with her question, let’s take the “GPS” out of “fleet tracking” and find software that focuses on what’s most important to fleets: vehicle maintenance.

A Non-GPS Solution: Fleet Maintenance Management Software

Popular Fleet Maintenance Features

  • Schedules recurring maintenance
  • Monitors maintenance by odometer, hours and days
  • Inventory management
  • License and permit management
  • Fuel tracking
  • Driver safety management

Fleet maintenance management software organizes and budgets company fleets, tracking everything from fuel usage to maintenance records. Fleet maintenance management can work to boost productivity and increase the lifespan of vehicles by enabling transparent operational costs. Essentially, fleet maintenance software is an expense management tool.

To find the best standalone solutions in the industry, Ginger’s first stop should be the Top 10 Fleet Maintenance Management Software report, which outlines the best fleet management software in the industry. Unfortunately, the report includes a mixture of both GPS fleet tracking and stand-alone fleet maintenance solutions, so not all vendors in the report are candidates for our From the Community inquirer.

To help aid the search, we have provided two top fleet solutions that have no GPS tracking included:

Top Fleet Maintenance Software Options

Maintenance Connection CMMS

Maintenance Connection

Maintenance Connection is a web-based software solution that is easy to use and designed with the sole purpose of lengthening the life of each fleet asset. Maintenance Connection will notify dispatchers when vehicles need oil changes. It will also keep records of maintenance cost by vehicle classification, predicting the likeliness of asset failures. The solution can also help create preventative maintenance schedules or procedures so your fleet is always in tip-top shape.

GE Capital Fleet

GE Capital Fleet SolutionsGE Capital Fleet foresees and meets every fleet need. By tracking alternative fuels, driver safety, leasing, fuel, license renewals, maintenance, accident management, vehicle records, mileage reports and even strategic business planning, GE Capital truly helps its fleet stay organized through every step of a vehicle’s lifecycle. GE Capital also includes powerful mobile capabilities and over 125,000 conveniently-located repair shops throughout the country, making the convenience of vehicle maintenance as hassle free as possible.

How to Research the Best Fleet Management Software

Top 10 Fleet Maintenance Management SoftwareIf Maintenance Connection and GE Capital are just not for your fleet, has a variety of resources to help you discover the best fleet tracking solutions in the industry. Whitepapers and articles are available in abundance through the Field Service research page in addition to other Top 10 Reports related to fleet and field management.

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