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Cradle Solution Inc CradleMRx

CradleMRx is home healthcare software that provides users with general features as well as features specifically geared towards assisting clinicians, administrators and billing staff. General platform tools include full HIPAA compliancy, EHR meaningful use guidelines, Direct Data Entry (DDE) access, multi-disciplinary scheduling, HHRG analysis and custom reporting capabilities.

Netsmart CareManager

CareManager is homecare management software that facilitates care coordination and population health care management as well as communication and information exchange processes. The platform is equipped with real-time alert settings for emergency department vists, hospitalization, gaps in patient care, and other patient-specific care information such as allergies and medications.


firstHOMECARE is homecare EMR software that works with CAREpliance technology and enables users to optimize clinical, financial and administrative processes. The platform provides users with a web-based, paperless environment for streamlining workflows, is equipped with built-in regulatory compliance check functionality that ensures the user’s practice remains compliant with Federal and State regulations, and automates multiple day-to-day tasks including intake and admissions, scheduling, billing and payroll processes.

Complia Health Igea

Igea is a home care software solution that can transform the user’s agency into a paperless zone while managing and streamlining all of their home care operations. The program is compatible with electronic signatures and can create all necessary practice and medical documents users need to distribute to patients.


HealthWyse is a comprehensive set of software solutions that manages all aspects of a health agency. The main modules provide support for point of care, billing, scheduling and telephony.

– Stratis Soneto

Stratis Soneto is a comprehensive home care management software solution that aims to increase your revenue and client base.

Alora Home Health Software

Alora Home Health Software is a complete home health care solution that users can use to track and manage patient records, billing and scheduling. When someone schedules an appointment, the program tracks all visitation expenses, monitors any potential time conflicts and has the option of setting up recurring visits.

HealthTrust Home Care

HealthTrust Home Care is homecare practice management software that provides users with scheduling, billing, recruiting and mobile point-of-care solutions. The platform is completely web-based and requires no remote desktop of installation in order to use the system, eliminates duplicate data entry requirements, and is a compliance-driven system designed for security and reliability.

– HealthMEDX Vision Solution

HealthMEDX Vision Solution is a comprehensive home care management solution designed for hospices and private duty agencies.

Data Soft Logic Home Health Software

Data Soft Logic Home Health Software is designed to help users track and manage medical practices and improve processes that impact patient visits. Upon logging into the program, users can view a list that shows pending operational and patient tasks.