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Alloy Discovery

Alloy Discovery is a Network Inventory solution that helps organizations to better understand their IT infrastructure with network auditing tools that deliver an accurate account of their networked assets, configuration details and the relationships between them. The software offers detailed computer and network device information, helping users to troubleshoot issues, evaluate risks, plan for system upgrades, and replace equipment.

SBI Platform

The SBI Platform is fully integrated business process management, inventory and retail management software that provides companies with a customized solution that is user-friendly, Excel-like and easily adaptable. The platform is designed to solve real supplier and merchandiser problems no matter how specialized the issue, works on any device such as phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, and enables users to self-manage their company, users and apps.

Aegis Premier Technologies Aegis CRM

Aegis CRM is a CRM software solution that provides donor management and fundraising tools users need to help plan and execute fundraising campaigns. The platform manages campaigns and makes adjustments by gaining quick insights from the system’s analytics and reporting tools, and enables users to manage donors, send appeals and run analytics from any desktop, tablet or mobile phone with the fastest cloud-based solution in the non-profit industry.

Web Masters Tech Ari Retail Management Software

Ari is an integrated retail management software that has an integrated point-of-sale functionality for retailers designed to help businesses keep on top of their businesses. Whether it is a legacy system with standalone computers or modern POS systems, the platform can integrate with centralized and disparate systems, is built with the backbone of .NET at its core and a fluid SQL database for support, and can transform multi-store operations into a profitable business.

StarApps Software Sumtracker

Sumtracker is an easy to use cloud-based order and inventory management software that offers multi-location support so users can track products across multiple warehouses, including every physical movement of the product and transferring stock from one warehouse to the other. The platform assists companies with restocking processes and helps protect against over-stocking through inventory notifications, provides special features for fabric inventory to keep track of fabric length and roll count, and is equipped to track any attribute custom to the user’s business such as color, size, brand, or category.

JAGGAER Supplier Management

JAGGAER Supplier Management is an inventory management software solution that automates the supplier management process in order to best identify and utilize ideal suppliers, effectively and efficiently manage supplier spending, and streamline supplier management processes. The platform manages supplier data, contract expiration dates, and contract pricing compliance.

Kiva Logic

Kiva Logic is an ecommerce solution for home delivery businesses used by veggie delivery companies, pet food delivery companies, farmers, CSAs, and other home delivery based businesses. The platform provides a website for customers to sign up, shop, checkout, and manage account information, as well as an admin side that allows business owners to control business operations, including billing, customer management, products, inventory, deliveries, discounts, and routes.

AcTouch Technologies is ERP software designed to extend businesses from offline to online, as well as works to reduce company costs, streamline processes, and improve customer engagement. The platform offers Excel mapping tools that have the ability to interface with any POS, Excel sheet, eCommerce portal or market place, offers business API, and is equipped with an interface designed to post invoice and bill data for company accountants and auditors.

Webgility Makes Business Easier


MyShopIQ is ecommerce and retail management software that provides users with several key inventory management modules that enables users to manage businesses both online and offline. The platform is built with and integrated billing functionality, enables users to create and customize online ecommerce stores, and provides users with an Android-based mobile app.