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FreeAgent CRM

FreeAgent CRM is a cloud-based sales, marketing and customer service platform that helps small businesses nurture quality customer relationships. The platform works automatically with the user’s email to create and classify leads, send follow-up reminders, perform custom automations and track all interactions with customers.


AMZSellerToolBox is an all-in-one service made to help Amazon Sellers and Amazon Marketing Agencies with increasing marketing automation while steadily growing sales. The platform provides users with Content Optimization to help with SEO efforts, Advertising Optimization for managing paid campaigns, Automated Email Campaigns, Review Management and Accounting Automation tools.

Indition Customer Relationship Automation

Indition CRA is a full-featured, open architecture Customer Relationship Automation solution that allows users to easily manage all email marketing efforts while segmenting and targeting the right people, at the right time, for the right reasons. The platform allows users to manage email campaigns, measure customer behavior, and segment customer lists.

Indition Forms, Contests & Surveys

Indition Forms, Contests & Surveys is a free tool that allows users to build customized forms using pre-built templates. The platform requires no special coding or IT assistance, so anyone can build profession landing pages with a few quick clicks of a button, as well as enables users to collect data and manage contacts all within one tool.

Whisqr Loyalty

Whisqr Loyalty is a customer loyalty software solution that provides businesses with the tools to develop and maintain special relationships with their customers. The platform offers a customized customer mobile experience, business-branded online registration functionality, on-location display materials, and email announcement and notification capabilities.

Epixel MLM Software

Epixel MLM Software is a web-based package that enables organizations and marketing enterprises to manage, control and organizes their business without any complexities. The package extends its capabilities from business management to marketing segment by simply maintaining the core profile and provides the potential ability for the user’s business.


SendX is a marketing software solution that provides companies with remarketing and retargeting tools for web businesses. The platform enables companies to use popups, landing pages, email, web push notification, automation workflows, and Facebook and Google retargeting strategies, helps users focus on conversion and revenue rather than vanity metrics like opens, and provides users with great tools for lead generation, email marketing, and marketing automation.

Netsertive MarketWise

MarketWise is collaborative marketing software that helps companies run effective and compliant digital campaigns through local business partners. The platform is equipped for brand amplification, content distribution and measuring results, enables better brand-to-local marketing practices, and is focused on ensuring that the user’s brand is visible and has an online presence when potential customers are doing product research online.

TrendKite Insightpool

Insightpool is a searchable influencer marketing database software solution that filters through 100+ networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. The platform provides companies with an omni-channel marketing tool for identifying, activating and optimizing marketing campaigns, organically identifies and segments influencers and conversations, and gauges the success of social drip marketing campaigns.


NinjaOutreach is an all-in-one influencer marketing and outreach software solution that provides companies with access to a database of millions of influencers and blogs, and helps companies generate leads for their next campaign. The platform helps users find influencers in any niche or country through keyword searches or automated processes, and enables users to save leads and set up influencer marketing and outreach campaigns for link building, guest posting, content promotion, business marketing, branding and digital PR purposes.