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Intellifluence is marketing software that enables brands to communicate directly with influencers and to manage interactions in one spot without ever having to send an email. The platform provides brands with access to the Intellifluence Marketplace which enables users to send pitches and to make offers available to the entire community.


Tudodesk is business process management software that provides users with multiple tool sets and functionalities for multiple business operations including inquiries and estimates, invoicing and payment management, and order books and shipping. The platform enables users to create embeddable web forms, multi-page proposals, quotations and estimates, and branded job sheets.

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KlientScape Software MassMailer

MassMailer is marketing software that enables users to send bulk emails to multiple recipients simultaneously. The software allows users to time emails to be sent at later dates even if the user is offline, imports existing databases and Excel files, and allows users to include multiple attachments in any format including PDF, Excel, Word and JPG.

Bridgeline Unbound Marketing – Overview


LinkBrandr is marketing and social media management software that enables users to brand and share third-party content without driving traffic away from their site. The platform provides users with link shortening and customization capabilities, LinkBrandr bars and redirection pages, and enables users to increase audience reach on shares and retweets.

Eltima Port Virtualization Technology

Eltima Port Virtualization Technology is marketing software that supports versatile implementation of port technologies into the user’s product. The platform enables users to create virtual serial ports, makes devices available in virtual environments and on blade servers, and supports devices over RDP when those devices are not supported out-of-the-box.

Email List Validation

Email List Validation is marketing software that enables users to clean and verify email lists in order to boost email deliverability and to support more effective email marketing campaigns. The platform processes email lists in bulk in CSV, TXT or XLS formats, preserves data from malicious attacks through the system’s API, and performs risk validation operations by running scans against high risk keywords and TLDs.

Bridgeline Unbound Insights

Bridgeline Unbound Insights is an analytics tool that can be used by marketers to immediately analyze the performance of their marketing efforts. The Unbound Insights smart recommendation engine helps identify solutions to optimize site content and reach campaign goals.

Bridgeline Unbound Marketing

Bridgeline Unbound Marketing is an online marketing management solution that helps marketers bring quality traffic to their websites by using personalized and targeted email campaigns. Bridgeline Unbound Marketing also includes features to help marketers monitor their campaigns, dynamic contact and distribution list management, event-based response marketing, a wizard-driven email campaign creation tool and built-in goal tracking tools to measure campaign performance.